Virtual Field Trip  The tiny tree

The Tiny Tree

By Annie Cusick Wood

HTY’s virtual season continues with the premiere of our digital production of The Tiny Tree by Annie Cusick Wood. The production was re-envisioned and filmed entirely using puppets. Audience members will travel to a distant galaxy where the characters – a father and son – must make an emergency landing on what seems to be an uninhabited planet. They discover a strange and magical object while fixing their rocket ship. What could it be? With the help of some newfound friends, they learn the value of looking after one other and how each of us grows in our own time.
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Age 3+

Educational Resources

Educators are welcome to explore our materials created specifically for this production.  These include preshow and post-show activities.  We look forward to any feedback you have about these materials or the production.  Our goal is always to enhance your classroom with dynamic learning experiences.