ʻImi Ā Loaʻa:  Seek and Find

An augmented reality play about place and time

I ka wa ma mua ka wa ma hope, “the future is in the past.” 

            Hawaiian Proverb

Created by Moses Goods, Inamona Theatre Company and the HTY Ensemble

The Experience

This is an augmented reality theatrical experience celebrating the rich history and many possible futures living in our land as we explore Native Hawaiian ideas of “time” and “place.”  This multi-media experience mixes elements of live performance, walking tour and digital gaming for an entirely new type of theatre.


How Does it Work?

Audiences gather at the theater to start the experience, then will be guided on a short walking tour to nearby destinations including The Hawaiʻi State Art Museum. Audience members will interact with different locations and live performers using IPads and digital gaming technology to create an immersive theatrical experience. Artwork will come to life. Characters and sounds will emerge as students explore different spaces.


The experience will last 1 hour and 15 minutes and require some light walking. Audiences start at HTY’s Tenney Theatre for an orientation/performance and each group will be guided by a performer/educator who will accompany the group from location to location as well as facilitating the use of the technological elements. 

IPads and headphones will be provided for all participants.


short teaser

Samples from archival video


We have been so fortunate to work with a variety of partners and funders on the creation of content for this project.  From volunteer developers to government agencies to student testers we are excited that this work has expanded out community.

Funders Include:

The National Endowment for the Arts, Native Arts and Culture Foundation, Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. Additional funding is provided by Kamehameha Schools and the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority through the Kūkulu Ola Program, administered by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation.

Performer Profile

Introduction to the project


Theatrical Team

We have been blessed with an amazing theatrical team who have been guiding the development of the piece.

Core Devising Team:  Moses Goods, Lokomaika’i Lipscomb, Ryan I. Kahaʻiʻōlelo Sueoka, Sean-Joseph Choo, Pōʻai Lincoln and Solomon Enos

Live Performers:

Pōʻai Lincoln

Lokomaika’i Lipscomb,

Alakai (Guides)

Alvin Chan

Sean-Joseph Choo

Stu Hirayama

J. Makiʻilei Ishihara

Eric Johnson

Moses Goods

Danica Rosengren

This list is growing and there continues to be tremendous support from the HTY staff and ensemble as well as others!  Mahalo to all!






Lead Visual Designer/Resident Artist

Solomon Enos

Composer/Sound Designer

Sean-Joseph Choo

Lead Unity Designers/Programmers

Daniel Schatzeder

Andrew Towl

Other Designers/Programmers

Shawn Taras

Richard Kanno

Thom Kesler

Jonathan Winberger

Additional design, filming, animation and a mountain of work came from inside and outside HTY and we are deeply grateful for each of these contributions.


This project would not have been possible without the contributions of many, many collaborators who gave generous advice, guidance and leadership.  A few to note are…

HiSAM for opening thier beautiful venue and leaping onboard as a partner.

The massive group of collaborators who met in preparation for this project, especially those who participated in the first and second “hackathons” which paved the way for out exploration.

The many cultural advisors who gave guidance and learning both directly to this project and before.

The partners (please see above) who gave so generously to allow us to take the risk, learn and experiment.  Mahalo!



Order Tickets

The show will run through May with plenty of seats still available for school and public audiences.  Click here to make reservations!

Support this work

This work requires new technology, computer programmers and most especially time to explore and discover what is possible when we combine traditional culture and new technologies.  If you would like to support this work please contact HTY’s Managing Director, Becky Dunning at manager@htyweb.org.

Check back for more videos and additional information coming soon!