The Hi way
The EMMY® Episodes


Winner announced in June! Children/Youth/Teen News or Long Form Content

Food Waste

From food containers to left over grease how do we handle and create less waste from our food?

EMMY® Nominated

Winner announced in June! Diversity/Equity of Inclusion: News or Long Form Content

Stronger Together

HTY’s creative response to Anti-Asian Hate invites families and classrooms to celebrate Asian culture and engage with the moment in an age appropriate manner.

EMMY® Winner

Arts/Entertainment Long Form


In this episode, Keoki learns about Hawaiian concept of “Pono”— balance.  The team explores Pono in our relationships, what we eat, and with the land.

EMMY® Nominated

Craft Achievement: Directing

Surfing  Directed by Gerard Elmore

Keoki meets the legendary Ambassador of Aloha, Duke Kahanamoku, and learns about the history of surfing in Hawai’i. This episode was created with special community partners, The Bishop Museum and Duke’s OceanFest.

EMMY® Nominated

Politics/Government/Societal Concerns-Long Form Content


Keoki and La’a learn about consent, and the team explores big and small ways that we can show respect. This episode was created with community partners, The Hawaii State Department of Health and The Sex Abuse Treatment Center, A Program of Kapiiolani Medical Center for Women & Children.

EMMY® Winner

Informational/Instructional—Long Form Content.


Is there racism in Hawaii?  Keoki encounters protests, learns about history and equity and the team celebrates the black experience in Hawaii.

EMMY® Nominated

Environment/Science-Long Form Content


This episode explores all types of energy in Hawaii, from the energy in our bodies to the energy that created the universe.  Partnering with Hawaii Energy, the Hawaii State Department of Health, Ulupono and Hawaiian Electric the team ends the season with a burst of songs and scenes.

EMMY® Winner

Arts/Entertainment Long Form

Da Holidays is a  collection of short stories, sketches and songs capturing the good, the bad and hilarious moments of the holiday season in Hawaii. Penned by our resident company, this hour long Holiday special reminds us that there is no “normal” when it comes to celebrating our families and community and that in these times even “tradition” deserves a little creativity.