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 Here are a few videos and some general information about the show but please feel free to watch full episodes or reach out directly with any questions you may have.


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A theatre company makes tv?

As a company of creative theatre makers and educators, we knew Covid would force us to use our talents in new ways.  We were lucky enough to partner with NMG Network and Hawaii News Now to create a new type of children’s television program.

Grounded in our geography and the many diverse cultures that make Hawaii special the program is unlike anything currently available in children’s television and marks the begining of a hybrid future for HTY as both theatre and digital media creator.

Season One

Was a direct reaction to the early months of COVID in Hawaii and included themes like social distancing, new ways of celebrating special occasions and how our lives, especially the lives of young people, were deeply impacted by this challenge.

Season Two

Saw a huge jump in the quality of production as we were again able to enter the theatre, now a film studio.  These episodes feature Hawaii takes on common themes from the Native Hawaiian concept of “pono” to energy use in Hawaii.

Season Three

We are starting planning on a third series of episodes which we will film in early 2021.  

And Beyond…

As we enter the digital media space we are excited by the possibilities of bringing more local and diverse voices to children’s entertainment here in Hawaii and beyond.


Curious To See More!

We would be delighted to have you watch any of our episodes from Seasons 1 or 2.  Please know that Season 1 was filmed primarily on cell phones from a lockdown situation.  We are proud of all the work we have created and know that we will continue to get better and better at making the show as we continue.

why this work is important?

NMG, HTY and Hawaii News Now are dedicated to continuing to support and develop The HI Way. Our shared belief is that children deserve access to diverse, multi-cultural voices and to be included in the most important conversations facing our community.

We envision the show serving as a bridge to connect young people with important partners, stories and issues facing their generation. We know that quality artistic programming that speaks with sensitivity to the current experience of growing up in Hawaii will support and inspire not only our young people but others around the world.

our story in numbers!

 Interested in learning more behind the scenes?  Check out the PLACE episode in Season 2.



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