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Re-envisioned and filmed entirely using puppets. Audience members will travel to a distant galaxy where the characters, a father and son, must make an emergency landing on what seems to be an uninhabited planet. They discover a strange and magical object while fixing their rocket ship. What could it be? With the help of some new found friends, they learn the value of looking after one another and how each of us grows in our own time. Ages 3+ .

The Tiny Tree

By Annie Cusick Wood

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These re-tellings of traditional fables from Japan and Okinawa teach important lessons of persistence, respect and kindness. Japanese and Okinawan music, language and culture are the heart of this performance featuring clever animals and a whole lot of fun for our youngest audience members and their families.
Ages 3+

The Carp Who
Would Not Quit

By Reiko Ho and the HTY Ensemble

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Hawaii’s greatest athlete and the grandfather of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku is unquestionably one of the most important and beloved figures in Hawaiian history. HTY favorite Moses Goods creates an unforgettable portrayal of an extraordinary life. 
Ages 8+


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Join Kapili as he learns about respecting and honoring people of different cultures through the stories of his classmates. The show features a diverse cast and stories from our neighbors in the Pacific that celebrate the cultural traditions that connect us and provide valuable wisdom for growing up today and our collective future.  Recommended for Ages 8+

Stories of



This Week on The HI Way

This week, our Emmy® Award Winning TV show, The HI Way starts its summer hana hou with Stronger Together, a special episode that is the team’s creative, collective response to Anti-Asian hate. For more information on the episode, related resources, and our approach CLICK HERE.

The episode will be broadcast on Hawai’i News Nows stations:
• Tuesday 6/15 at 5:00pm on K5
• Thursday 6/17 at 5:00pm on K5
• Saturday 6/19 12:30pm on KGMB
• Sunday 6/20 at 6:30pm on K5

The HI Way: Stronger Together

Stronger Together, our special episode dedicated to starting the conversation about Anti-Asian hate will continue to be available online and on our YouTube station.
> Watch Stronger Together online, click here.

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