writers welcome!

Christmas Talk Story was always a fun way for HTY to meet local writers and include them in our season.  We also hope it will inspire young people to write their own stories or make up some.  Here is a page that could start you thinking about what your “talk story” might be.

but how does it work?

The first step is geting something down on paper, this can be a dramatic monologue but also a scene, poem, song, joke… we are honestly looking for all types of writing from adult professional writers to children.

How does this become a show?  The honest answer is that we are still working that out and it depends greatly on the type of submissions we recieve.  We will not put anything in the play without your approval but please do not send material that you do not have permission to use.


Local Stories

We are very much looking for diverse local stories.  It does not have to be Christmas related and we are actually excited about Thanksgiving, New Years and other ways of celebrating that happen during this time period.


If you have an idea send it ASAP!  We will need to have the script in place by the end of September but hope to have it done long before. 

Your Patience

Thank you in advance for your patience as we sort thorough ideas.  It may take a while for us to respond or contact you with a response but we are excited to read your writing and look forward to sharing new, fresh stories next December!

Where to start…

For our youngest writers

Think of this as a shared creation with parent and child.

Are there traditions that are specific to your family?  What do you enjoy about these traditions?  What are the thing that ONLY your family does?

Is there a funny story that your family likes to remember during the Holidays?  Take turns telling it and adding details.

We love drawings and photos as well, just let us know if you are comfortable with us sharing them.

Slightly Older Writers

With slightly older writers it may be fun to play a bit more with character in the writing.

What is the character trying to achieve with the story or by telling the story?

How does this person talk?  What words do they use?  How else might they express themselves?

If the story is a dramatization of a “real” story are there elements that would be fun to change or adapt for this telling?

What details make this story unique to you and your imagination?


For Professional/Adult Writers

We hope to get a variety of forms of writing in the coming year, so dramatic monologue is great but we are also interested in short scenes, poems, songs, clown bits, you name it!

The best pieces will always reflect something special about Hawaii but we are open to many voices and perspectives being expressed.

Ideal legnth for each piece is under five minutes but exceptions could be made for extraordinary pieces.

Ready to submit!? Or maybe you still have questions?

Submissions should be sent via email to info@htyweb.org and labeled FOR CHRISTMAS TALK STORY 2024. Submissions are due by September 1, 2024. If you have any questions about this process, please use the form below.  Thank you for your patience as we read your submissions!