Sexual Violence Prevention

with The Sex Abuse Treatement Center

The Work

HTY has been collaborating with SATC for well over a decade to bring theatrical work and discussions around sexual violence prevention to schools and communities in Hawaii.  Often collaborating with T-Shirt Theatre the State Department of Health and a variety of partners doing work in this field we have built a series of programs that are available in conjunction with SATC and their work. 

These include, Expect Respect, a assembly style performance for tweens and teens.  Respect 2.0, a classroom sized theatrical discussion for High School students, an episode of our TV show The HI Way and a variety of digital projects, podcasts and we are still working on new ideas together.


Private Site

The distribution of all the content on this site is controled by the Sex Abuse Treatment Center and this content should NOT be distributed without their approval.  

For this reason we ask that anyone interested in using this content contact us directly and we will check with the proper people.

The work that is free to use or reference is indicated here.


Contact us at:

Eric Johnson, HTY Artistic Director

Llasmin Chaine, Manager Education

Inji Kim, Education Coordinator







Expect [Respect]

Video is available to use with permission either in segments and in one complete showing.  Live Performance is also available for booking.


Mass Design

Video is available to use.


Episode of the HI Way:  For Elementary Audiences Available as a link on HTY website.

Other Pieces Avaiable 

These pieces are both available for use and can be accessed through these links.

Support this work

This work requires a tremendous amount of resourcess and time to develop and HTY is very interested in doing more of this type of collaboration.  If you would like to support this work or more work like this please contact HTY’s Managing Director, Becky Dunning at


We have been so fortunate to work with a variety of partners and funders on the creation of content for this project.  

Funders Include:

Hawaii State Department of Health

Pau Violence