January Update for Educators
December 16, 2020

Educator Membership

January 2021

Happy 2021! As we reflect on the extraordinary events and challenges of the last year, all of us at HTY are committed to continuing our mission to support educators with online content and Virtual Field Trips. Mahalo for all you do for the young people of Hawai’i.  May your 2021 be filled with aloha.

Featured Event

DUKE Available  January 5th


Bring the magic of HTY right into your classroom.  Our digital production of Moses Good’s “Duke,” is available for Virtual Field Trips starting January 5th.  

Click the button below to book your show.

If you have any questions, please email Stu at schools@htyweb.org.  We would be happy to assist you with your online reservation.

We want to be there for you and your students. Tell us how!

You are HTY’s greatest champions.  You book the field trips, manage the bus companies and the students riding the bus.  You have made us a part of your classrooms to the extent that a majority of students make HTY a part of their education.  As we set up new pathways and re-imagine how we can be helpful bringing creativity to your classrooms we invite you to learn more about what we are offering and welcome your thoughts, ideas and feedback you may have.

A Few Fun Things to Get Started

The HI Way Video of the Week

Did you know we have a series on Social Emotional Learning and Theatre?

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