CAATA:  Confest

 SHOWS FOR FAMILIES:  honolulu theatre for youth

Mahalo for your interest!

We are proudly a theatre of place dedicated to including young people and their families in the most important conversations.  Here are a few offerings we have made over the last couple of years that we hope may provide a way of including younger audiences in this exciting festival and links to several resources to extend the conversation if you are interested.

For now, this is a private page currated for the CAATA Festival but we love sharing this work so if you see something that could be interesting to your community, please reach out and ask!


Stronger together (22 min.) 

Stories of Oceania  (57 min.)

The Carp who would not quit (33 Min.)

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We would be delighted to have you watch any of our digital content or tell you more about our live content as well.

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why this work is important?

Our belief is that children deserve access to diverse, multi-cultural voices and to be included in the most important conversations facing our community.

We envision our organization serving as a bridge to connect young people with important partners, stories and issues facing their generation. We know that quality artistic programming that speaks with sensitivity to the current experience of growing up in Hawaii will support and inspire not only our young people but others around the world.