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The Tiny Tree

By Annie Cusick Wood

Travel to a distant galaxy aboard Roger Rocketship with intrepid space explorers, Matt and Dad. When their spaceship malfunctions and Dad comes close to floating off, they land on the nearest planet where they can safely assess the problem. Here on this seemingly lifeless planet, Matt stumbles upon a magical blue seed, and wants to keep it. But this planet and its inhabitants have other ideas – they need the blue seed to heal the planet, as it’s their last chance for survival. They cannot let Matt take the seed with him on Roger Rocketship. Through upbeat songs, scrapes and adventures with tiny fluffy Curio creatures, a two headed Caterpillar, and a one-legged purple Bird, Matt and Dad get caught up in a galactic wind storm, stuck in an underground cave, and discover the true potential of this tiny seed. With the help of their newfound friends, they learn the value of looking after the planet and each other, and embrace how each of us grow – just like the tiny seed – in our own time.
Age 3+

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