Look and Listen: What Can You Find?

Look and Listen: What Can You Find?


There will be plenty to listen to and see during the HTY show SHHH. Before seeing the show, challenge students to listen and look for the following. After the show, talk about the list again and see who discovered what

Before the Play

A) WORDS: Words are very important in the play. Listen close! The words might surprise you. What words can you discover?

B) BOXES: There will be a lot of boxes in the play. What can you discover about the boxes?

C) SOUNDS: Listen carefully. There might be special sounds you can hear if you listen close.

D) FEELINGS: Of course, the characters will have many feelings in the show! That’s what makes it fun to watch. So, find some feelings so you can tell me about them after the show.

After the Play

A) WORDS: Sometimes the play was quiet. Sometimes words and sounds were hidden. Where did the characters hide the words? What happened when the characters discovered a new word? How did the characters feel when they found a word?

B) BOXES: How many boxes do you think there are? What colors did you see on the boxes? What did the characters do with the boxes? How did the boxes change? What did the characters build with the boxes?

C) SOUNDS: What sounds did you hear in the show? What were the sounds you heard? Where did the sound come from?

D) FEELINGS: How did the characters feel in the play? How did they show their feelings? What happened to make the characters feel: Happy? Sad? Mad? Surprised? Scared?

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