Restaurant Activity from Episode 2

Restaurant Activity from Episode 2

Has meal time become boring for you? Does lunch seem lifeless?  Dinner a downer?
Refresh your mealtime by making a fancy restaurant using things that you can find around your home.


• Name your restaurant and make a sign to hang outside of your dining area.
• Make a menu to showing different foods you think the restaurant would have
• Set table with a tablecloth (or use a bedsheet)
• Decorate the restaurant.  Draw candles on some paper and wrap the paper around a flashlight.  Add any other decorations you like.
• Make a music playlist to play while the diners (Mom and Dad) are eating.
• Make a fake mustache for the host/server.
• Write out a “bill” for the end of the meal.

Now you’re ready to open your restaurant:

• Turn on the music and light your (flashlight) candle.
• Greet your guests and seat them at the table.
• Pass out menus and tell your customers about the “special.”
• Take orders and put the menus away.
• Serve the food.
• Take away dishes when diners are finished
• Present the “check.”

Bon Appetit!