Tell Your Story

In Love, you saw the actors not only performed the play, but also characters who shared and performed their own stories.
FIRST: The HTY Actors
• How did the HTY actors engage:
▪ Their voices, facial expressions and body actions?
▪ Props, music, and sound effects?
• How did they make the stories enjoyable to listen to? Funny? Friendly? Dreamlike?
• What did they do with music to help tell the stories?
SECOND: The stories
• Think about the stories in Love– which one did you like the most? Why did you like it? What did the actors do to make that story enjoyable?
• With a partner, talk about what happened in the story that you thought was cool. Tell your friend how the actors used their voices, faces and bodies to tell the story. What else did they do?
Find your own Story: PROCEDURE
• Create a “me-box:” Find and decorate a shoebox or other small box.
• Collect three special objects from home, such as special photographs, clothes, shoes, ribbons, trophies or toys. Think of objects that show different parts of your life—when you were very young or something from your last birthday.
• Think about what each object tells about you—what you like and what’s special about you.
• Place the objects in the box and bring it to school.
• Share your stories about each object!
Prepare to tell your Story
With a partner, take turns telling about one item in your “me-box.” You should have about two minutes to tell your partner everything about the special object.
• When did you get it? Why did you get it?
• Who gave it to you?
• What was special about that day?
• How did the person give it to you (a present? A reward? An award?)?
• Why do you keep it? Where do you keep it?
Tell your Story
It’s Tellers’ Theatre time! You had time to practice, now it’s time to let everyone know your story. Share your best or favorite little story with the whole class. Remember what you saw in the HTY to make stories fun to listen to. Try some of those ideas yourself.
After your classmates tell their stories, share what you liked about his/her story and the way he/she told it.