Serina Dunham

Company Actor

Born and raised as a hapa girl in Nara, Japan, Serina found her home in Hawaii after moving to Honolulu to study theatre at UH Manoa. She’s been performing in the Honolulu theatre community ever since. Production credits include: “Thread Hell” and “The BFG” at UHM; “Eddie Wen Go” at HTC; “Skrewbuki” at Improvaganza and Seattle Improv Festival; “Uchina Aloha” at KKT; “Last Days of Judas Iscariot” at UH Lab; and was last seen in “Much Ado About Nothing” at HSF. She also has a passion for storytelling, which led to the creation of a company using rakugo, a traditional Japanese comedic storytelling form. Bento Rakugo has toured throughout the islands as well as on the mainland. Serina is excited to be a part of HTY for her first season!