No Matter How You Look

No Matter How You Look

Students develop sensitivity to individual differences as they compare similarities and discover differences in living things.

Making Butterflies: Preparation

Search for photos of butterflies in magazines, books and on the Internet. Display images in class. Discuss the similarities and differences observed in the images.


• White drawing paper
• Colored construction paper
• Paint, colored pencils or crayons
• If painting, water in containers, paper towels


• Observe the unique shapes, colors, sizes and forms of various butterflies.
• Draw or paint one butterfly on a sheet of white drawing paper, coloring in the lines and unique design of your butterfly.
• Mount all of your butterflies to one wall.
• Observe all the butterflies. Which are similar? Which are different? What makes them the same as or different from each other?

What’s Special about you and me?: Discussion

What would the world be like if we all looked the same? Imagine if we all lived in similar houses. Would you get lost going home? Our differences make us special and interesting. Exploring similarities and differences in things around you can be fun. Identifying and noting a unique quality helps you develop respect for differences.


• Find a partner.
• Carefully look at each other. What do you see in your partner that is similar to and different from yourself? Share some ideas.
• What is one positive thing about your partner that is very special? Share some ideas.

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