HTY Artistic Director, Eric Johnson Announces HTY’s New Membership Model and Upcoming Events for 2020

Member Benefits

Individual Membership

$10 a month

($120 annually)

  • Free access to the HTY Digital Season, The HI Way and additional HTY offerings.
  • One ticket to any live show or performance once we are safely able to gather.
  • Special access to the HTY video library and resources.
  • Invitation to live digital events.

Family Membership

$25 a month

($300 annually)

  • All the benefits of an Individual Membership, but for your whole household.
  • Discounts on our Education classes (discount depends on program).
  • Four tickets to any live show or performance once we are safely able to gather.

For questions or more information please call 808-839-9885 ex 703 or email


Yes! The membership will include all of our digital offering for the 20/21 season, these will include five, hour long theatrical offerings, digital access to our television show The HI Way, access to lots of educational materials, including an upcoming series on Social Emotional Learning. This will also include invitation to live zoom events with the company and when we are able to safely gather your monthly membership comes with tickets to live HTY performances.

We are still figuring out details and will be making adjustments but our goal is to offer high quality local programming that is educational, entertaining and speaks to your family.

Just like our normal programming, we will make content for a variety of audiences from ages 3 and up. Most of our work focuses on the elementary aged student but there will be offerings that appeal to older audiences as well. We have many adults who subscribe to HTY and come without children and we hope that will be the case for our memberships as well.

The individual and family levels are exactly the same, those levels relate to the number of folks watching. Every level of membership will have access to core HTY programming, but there will eventually be some additional events and mahalo perks for the higher donor levels.

We want this programming to be accessible to everyone. If $25 is too much for your family please sign up for an individual membership and use it for your family. If that is also too much please contact us and we will work with you to make sure no one is left out. Likewise, if you are able to subscribe at one of our donor levels it will allow us to provide this content to more families, teachers and young people across the islands.

Absolutely. This is a chance for us to connect and share. Grandparents may want to share a membership with a family on the continent, a different island, or someone next door. You can gift one month, three months or a whole year of laughter and local content to anyone with an email!

All of HTY’s staff, actors and educators are paid professionals living and working in Hawaii. Your continued support means that we will be able to continue serving Hawaii’s families, teachers and students now and into the future. We are proud of our Platinum Rating on Guide Star as it signifies that every dollar you invest in HTY is put to good use supporting our local mission, serving our community.

The media player we are using should work on any device and ensures that you are getting a fast download and high quality image across multiple platforms. Computers, i-pads, smart televisions and even phones will play HTY content right from our website.

Yes, members will have access to the content for the entire time it is “playing” on our website.

Yes, we will have member offerings every month. Some months will be busier than others just as a reflection of our schedules and the status of COVID but we feel confident that we can continue to adjust and keep serving up a full meal of creativity, even if it takes different forms.

Yes, at any time. We will start and stop each membership on the first day of the month that you start. Just send us an email, call or you can cancel or upgrade directly through the web site.

We absolutely want you to tell your friends and family about the program, but we do ask that you keep the link within your immediate family.  If there is a specific program people are interested viewing, we have priced memberships so people can easily sign up and cancel after a month.  If you would like to invite someone to join, you can give a gift membership at $10 or $25 for the month.  If cost is a barrier please let us know, as we want to make sure everyone can access the content.  We appreciate your understanding as it will insure that we can continue to pay our artists and educators for all their hard work.

Member Benefits PLUS Donation

For questions or more information please call 808-839-9885 ex 703 or email

Patron Membership

$50 a month

($600 annually)

50% is a tax deductible donation

  • All the benefits of a Family Membership.
  • Sneak Peeks to The HI Way Episodes prior to the television release.
  • Plus, additional digital content and offerings, behind the scenes footage.
  • Six tickets to any live show or performance once we are safely able to gather.
  • PLUS free re-entry to any live show or performance for your family (space available).

Super-Patron Membership

$100 a month

($1,200 annually)

75% is a tax deductible donation

  • All the benefits of All Access Pass.
  • Plus, a generous monthly donation to help support arts and education in the classroom.

Super-Duper Patron Membership

$1,000 a month

($12,000 annually)

90% is a tax deductible donation

  • You tell us!
  • Can we make a show for your family?
  • Want to appear in a HI Way episode?
  • We are a creative and capable company and this kind of donation would do a lot of good!

About Honolulu Theatre for Youth

Honolulu Theatre for Youth (HTY) produces professional theatre and drama education programs that make a difference in the lives of children, families and educators in the State of Hawaii.

Founded in 1955, HTY is one of the oldest and most respected children’s theatres in the country. Over the past 65 years, HTY has served over 5 million people through school and family performances and drama education programs. Over 300 new plays for young audiences have been commissioned by HTY.

This year is not normal yet we have already reached several hundred thousand people through our digital outreach:
• 17 episodes of The Hi Way
• 50 Teacher Resource videos
• 35 Videos of creative activities for children and families
• Virtual Field Trips.

We intend to continue to work creating new content to serve students, teachers and families through partnerships at public and private schools, HSFCA and by actively cultivating new audiences Statewide and abroad.

Your support of HTY is more important now than ever before.  As teachers and parents struggle to keep students learning in todays especially confusing reality, HTY’s creative content provides a much needed resource to keep children engaged and excited to participate in alternate ways of learning.