Meet the Designer: Adam Larsen

Meet the Designer: Adam Larsen

Where do you live?
I live in a 100-year-old bungalow amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina.Adam_Larsen

Where did you grow up?
You might call me a “half back.” I was born in Brooklyn, NY; moved all the way down south to West Palm Beach, FL as an infant; and then traveled halfway back to Asheville, NC where I live now.

What activities did you enjoy most in school or when you were a kid?
English, Science, and (of course) Art. I also loved swimming and skateboarding and anything outdoors.

How did you get interested in working with visual media, computer design, and/or projections?
My parents always encouraged me to follow my heart so instead of going to business school I studied cinematography (camerawork) in college. After working for a few years as a freelance filmmaker, I met a crazy director that you all may know – Eric Johnson! We hit it off and the rest is history!!

What’s most rewarding about working with projections and visual media?
I’m a people person so there’s nothing better than getting to collaborate with a bunch of friends on projects about three-toed sloths, or pyramids, or even rainbows! It’s also pretty amazing to project images 50 feet wide by 30 feet tall!!

What’s most challenging about working with projections and visual media?
Video projections require lots of technology to bring about. When all the projectors, computers, cables, routers, and adapters are happy, I’m happy!

How did you start your work on RAINBOW?
I definitely start all my projects with a little daydreaming. I have a vivid imagination so it’s fun to think of an idea, close my eyes, and see where it leads. I then gather thousands of images. For Rainbow, I created seven folders on my laptop – one for each color – and when I find something vibrant, inspiring or downright beautiful I put it in the appropriate folder.

What do you hope for your audiences?
I would love audiences to gain both a deeper understanding of color (how hues are made; why certain shades evoke emotions) as well as a chance to get lost in the vibrant and lush colors of our world (manmade and in nature). It might be fun for kids to play with basic color mixing by using colored lighting gel (yellow + blue = green).

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