Meet the Actor – Christina E & P

Meet the Actor – Christina E & P

Where were you born?
Hawai’i, born and raised.

Where did you go to school?
I went to Kanoelani Elementary and I loved it! I loved all my friends especially going to Mrs. Piena’s chorus class.

Who was your best friend?
My best friend in elementary is my absolute best friend now! We both loved all the same shows and we were in chorus together- we did a lot of creative things like write silly scripts, try to make our own films, write our own songs. All the way to high school we stayed creative together, we were incredibly encouraging and we now even have our own business together and will be living in the same house in Oregon soon!

What were your favorite stories as a kid?
I was obsessed with Nancy Drew novels. Madeline. Amelia Bedelia. I suppose I had a real love for strong women! Who sometimes were silly or went boldly through their story! And Beatrix Potter because the animations were so cute!

When did you start acting?
I loved singing from when I was a kid. My mother is a singer, and so is my dad, actually, although he doesn’t do it so much! So, I was always in chorus or hula. But when I did my first real play in high school I really find out how beautiful and magical performing on a stage could be. I was a pink chatty squirrel named Pattertwig in my high school performance of Prince Caspian.

Why do you like theatre?
I learned how to love the stage in high school but it wasn’t until I took an acting class with Betty Burdick at Leeward Community College that I really dug deep into what it meant to be an actor. It takes work! You have to more than want it, you have to plow through and read and act as much as you can! I love the moment when I am onstage, and I am completely in my character, and my partner onstage is in character, and suddenly there is no difference between actor and characters- it is just pure story and truth being breathed into life by two beings. I also love an audience that is ready to play, and when we can all connect and have FUN!

What’s the most challenging part of acting in Elephant & Piggie?
The most challenging for me is definitely the music. I sing the high part for the Squirreles and it’s been a while since I’ve done a full musical theatre piece so it’s challenging but so much fun!


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