Junior Tesoro

Company Actor

Junior has been an HTY company actor for 22 years. He has worked with Kumu Kahua Theatre, Windward Community College’s “Little Theatre,” Kennedy Theatre, Diamond Head Theatre, the Hawaii Shakespeare Festival and Maui Academy of Performing Arts. Junior has performed as a cockroach, crocodile, praying mantis, hula mula dancer, mongoose, prince, baker, waiter, monk, puppet, horse, soldier, demigod, evil stepsister, swordsman, snake, juggler, fish, general, fairy, mouse, bone, monkey, ogre, caribou, blacksmith, surfer, goddess, p’ansori singer, a rock, a wall, King of Troy, musubi, yellow dog, Maui, Aladdin, a doctor, a bunny, Spartan knight, pirate, dolphin, paleontologist, an autistic person, Mafatu, a fire breathing sea dragon, Wilbur the pig, a nene, Peter Rabbit, the White Rabbit, Silent Pete, a culinary drill sergeant, a kamikirigami artist, goldfi sh vendor, B-boy, Robin Hood, a cloud, an invisible reindeer, Inky Blue, star-nosed mole, Xi Xia King, Uncle Billy, a pink unicorn, the red balloon, a scientist, a Philippine eagle, and a cockroach (again).

The Ballad of Mu Lan

SHOCKA: The Story of Energy & Hawaii
“The Scientist”


The Red Balloon
“Red Balloon”