Summer Drama for Youth aged 7-13!

Be the performer you dream to be in a dramatic summer with HTY!

Important Update (Jan 2021)

We will present Summer Drama programs in 2021!

Due to the continued uncertainty of the pandemic, however, we are still considering the best way to conduct our programs. We will provide updated program information as often and quickly as we can.

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If we conduct in-person classes…

  • Enrollment will be limited, in line with up-to-date health guidelines.
  • Participants will work in small pods, interacting primarily with one HTY artist.
  • As needed, participants will wear masks and respect necessary distancing and cleanliness.
  • When everyone is together, we will work outside for optimum safety.
  • HTY staff will keep working areas clean and sanitized and provide up-to-date guidelines for participation.
  • Our schedule will be Monday-Friday, 8:30-12:30 each day for all participants

If we conduct virtual classes…

Our schedule will be as follows:

  • Monday-Friday, two hours each morning (8:30-10:30) for all participants
  • One additional hour (10:30-11:30) for small group work
  • We will make use of technology as best as we can, finding creative ways to integrate sound and virtual backgrounds.
  • All of this will build to an end of program Virtual Performance.

Summer Drama Adventure

For Children ages 7-9

Courageous Journeys- in search of light!
If your world turned to darkness and bitter cold
Would you wallow in worry or would you be bold?
Explore, imagine, create, become –
as we dive into a story and share in the fun!

A Theatrical Journey

Explore, imagine, create, become- as we dive into a story and share in the fun.

Starting with a story book, participants will collaborate with new friends- from words on a page to acting on stage – to bring the story to creative life!

Our story will tell of a family in a small village, where one winter morning the sun mysteriously does not rise. As the days roll on in darkness the children sneak out on a quest to find out what happened to the sun and brave not only the cold, but other dangers along the way!
First, we’ll read what happens, then we’ll create together, bit by bit bringing the story to life until we have an original play to perform! You’ll help create the characters, what they say and do.

Come share your imaginative ideas and energy. We need YOU to help create…

A Theatrical Journey



For Children ages 10-13

… Is all about YOU.
Develop your acting skills.
Learn how to create exciting theatre.
Take dreamatic risks full of creativity and fun.
The ‘Tween Scene is what you wish it to be.

The Re-Write

A tale of old becomes a story of today!

We know the old stories. We’ve heard them many times. Now it’s time to give them a fresh, new life with a modern twist of your very own. Welcome to the Re-write! Re-imagine the stories of Brother’s Grimm as if they happened today.

What if Cinderella dreamed of becoming the next viral sensation instead of waiting for a prince to come?
What if Snow White went off on an extreme sports adventure rather than cleaning the home of the Seven Dwarfs?
What secret skills do you imagine Little Red Riding hood has?

You Imagine it. You create it. You perform it. The story is yours to reform. Join us this summer for ‘Tween Scene…

The Re-Write

Each drama day will be divided into two parts:

Whole group activities for skill building
Activities that build body and voice expression as well as performative skills. We will play improvisational games and explore how to use space. All you need bring is a willingness to try new things, step out of your comfort zone sometimes and take creative risks. Be ready to work with new friends and to share and embrace ideas.

Scene groups – We will take scene groups through a guided process

Small Group Story Building
Small teams will work together on creating story scenes using the skills they’ve been developing.

Imagining the story. The team members will create action and blocking and even write their own dialog!

The summer will culminate in a performance where each group performs their own scene to help tell the story. The heart of the program is on the creative process and creativity building.