Summer Drama for Youth aged 7-13!

Be the performer you dream to be in a dramatic summer with HTY!

For more information on Summer Drama Programs 2022, check back in January 2022.

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Summer Drama Adventure

For Children ages 7-9

…builds dramatic and expressive skills.
…promotes positive interaction.
…focuses creative energy.
Together, the students and staff transform stories into imaginative performances.

‘Tween Scene

For Children ages 10-13

… Is all about YOU.
Develop your acting skills.
Learn how to create exciting theatre.
Take dreamatic risks full of creativity and fun.
The ‘Tween Scene is what you wish it to be.

Each drama day will be divided into two parts:

Whole group activities for skill building
Activities that build body and voice expression as well as performative skills. We will play improvisational games and explore how to use space. All you need bring is a willingness to try new things, step out of your comfort zone sometimes and take creative risks. Be ready to work with new friends and to share and embrace ideas.

Scene groups – We will take scene groups through a guided process

Small Group Story Building
Small teams will work together on creating story scenes using the skills they’ve been developing.

Imagining the story. The team members will create action and blocking and even write their own dialog!

The summer will culminate in a performance where each group performs their own scene to help tell the story. The heart of the program is on the creative process and creativity building.