“The things I found most interesting and helpful about the course was me being able to be put on the spot as a student to create images using my body, expressions, and words. It enabled me to feel awkward and nervous, just as my students did during the lesson. I enjoyed meeting with my peers during the course to find common ground with my struggles. I was able to take away the new information that they provided in order for me to improve on my delivery of the lesson. I really liked my instructor because he kept the class moving without any judgement call. The more I practice the more comfortable I will become in executing my ideas to my students.”

– Teacher professional development workshop

HTY Professional Development workshops in action

Arts Education Workshops and Classes

HTY Drama Education staff offers professional development workshops for teachers and in-service education students, as well as training new drama education specialists. We offer workshops integrating classroom content with drama, music, dance, visual art and literature.


Big Island (Hilo)

Drawing Science: Enhancing Comprehension through Observation-Hybrid Course
PDE3 Course #IS184653, Section # 299825

Dates: Two, In-Person Saturdays on Jan 30 & Feb 27, 2021 + Online Course Work
Where: Tentatively Connections Public Charter School in Hilo
Cost: $150 (Full payment due to guarantee registration)
Instructor: Marcia Pasqua

Course Description: How can participants help students become more observant learners? Learning basic drawing skills develops students’ visualization and observation abilities, as they discover shapes, lines, colors, textures, patterns and proportions in objects and the environment around them. In this visual arts integration workshop course, participants will learn a variety of drawing techniques – Gesture Drawing, Shapes Within a Shape Drawing, and Contour Drawing – and how the visual arts techniques can be used to enhance learning in science, helping to cultivate students’ ability to accurately observe and creatively capture the world around them as well as identify and describe the relationships between interdependent parts. This course will have two face-to-face meetings and online course in between.
Disclaimer! This course was previously listed as #IS182641 Drawing Science: Enhancing Comprehension through Observation-Hybrid Course and may NOT be repeated for credit.

Courses begin in January 2021. Register early, space is limited!


Story Drama for the Pre-K-2 Classroom: Creative engagement with text
PDE3 Course #IS184654, Section #299826

Dates: Three, In-Person Saturdays on January 16, February 13, & March 6, 2021
Where: Lihue Kauai
Cost: $150 (Full payment due to guarantee registration)
Instructor: Daniel A. Kelin, II

Course Description: To thoroughly comprehend text and infer meaning, students need opportunities to investigate not only characters and plots but also the emotions, moods, and atmosphere suggested by the text. Drama integration strategies immerse students in text. Students imagine themselves as the characters facing the same questions and dilemmas, while developing ability to creatively express understanding. Students discover how text is relevant to their own experience, increasing interest and building capacity for inferring meaning.


Course Information Coming Soon!

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