Classroom Recycle Center

Classroom Recycle Center

Classroom Recycle Center

Create a recycling center for your classroom.

To do this, gather the necessary supplies and invite the children to help make some signs for your recycling bins. Preschoolers can help make signs for the recycling bins by placing alphabet stickers on construction paper. Include signs for paper, plastic, cans, and glass.

Tape the signs on the boxes and set up a recycling center near the wastebasket.


When the recycling center is all set up, invite children to help sort the recyclables into the bins. As they do this, talk about what is and is not recyclable and what happens to recyclables when they are taken by the recycling truck.

This is also a great opportunity to discuss other ways we can care for the environment by reducing what we use, reusing what we can, and recycling!

You may want to invite preschoolers to bring in some recyclable items from home. They can add their items to the recycling center in the classroom.

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