Moving Words off the Page: Literacy through Movement in Early Childhood Education
Course Number: IS183482
Dates: January 19February 16March 16
Time: 8am – 4pm
Location: Hawaii State Art Museum
Grades: Pre K-3

Taught By: Mimi Wisnosky

Registration Information: To be officially registered for this course, teachers must register on PDE3 for PD credit and submit your $120 payment to Honolulu Theatre for Youth within two weeks after registering. Contact Tamara Smith at edadmin@htyweb.org or 839-9885 ext. 704. Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Any requests for a refund must be received in writing by HTY at edadmin@htyweb.org at least 30 days prior to the start of the course. Funding for air, ground transportation and stipends will not be provided. The workshop requires approval from your principal or supervisor.

How does the mind-body connection inspire learning in a child? What are the strategies teachers can implement to turn a student who knows how to read into an avid reader? To read is to know, to comprehend is to live. In this course, teachers will be guided to find the mind-body connection while children are processing the new concepts they are learning. Movement allows the child to connect new words (or alphabet) with a kinesthetic response. Movement responses establish personal connections. This in turn has an eye, brain, body thread that has proven to build vocabulary, reading comprehension, and memory in all levels of learning. Teachers will discover in themselves the movement in their current reading curriculum and transpose it into a multi-dimensional lesson: a story becomes a moving adventure. Movement strategies and scaffolds will be taught as tools for teachers to utilize in all subject content. Finding the flexibility to layer movement within a lesson plan will be an essential focus in this course.