Write Your Own Folktale

Write Your Own Folktale

Many folktales have a ‘formula,’ in which the problem is always solved and the tale ends happily. The formula often includes four basic ingredients:

• Setting
• Characters
• Problem
• Solution

Write your own folktale using these four ingredients using the story blank on the back. Below are some samples. Select any of these or make up your ingredients to create your folktale.


• In the land of the setting sun
• In a place where it never rained
• At the edge of the world
• Halfway between north and south
• In a land far, far away


• A wicked stepmother
• A King and Queen
• Three sisters or brothers
• A fool
• A farmer and his wife


• The hens stopped laying eggs
• The prince was turned into a rock
• The trees refused to grow apples
• The crops would not grow tall
• The princess would not laugh


• The boy or girl found a magical fish
• The glass slipper fit her foot
• The fool killed the giant
• They found a pot of gold
• He tickled them until they agreed to help

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