Who Will I Be In the Future

Who Will I Be In the Future

Shocka! asks students to imagine life 28 years into the future. Use this activity to have students envision who they will be 28 years down the road.

• How old will they be?
• What will they be wearing?
• What career will they have?
• What will life in the future look like?
• What is around her?
• How much energy will they need?
• Where will this energy come from?

Guide students to create portraits of themselves in the future.


• Drawing Paper
• Pencil
• Crayons
• Marker


1. Students write their name and the age they will be in 2044.
2. Students draw with pencil and crayons a portrait of their future self.
3. Encourage students to imagine future fashion, technologies, energy sources, etc.
4. Students then name and label the choices they have made for their future self with a marker.
For example, a student may draw a line to the boots they have drawn on their future self and label them “moon walkers.”
5. Students will then share with the class what they imagine for their future selves.

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