Filipino Folktales & Fables


National Geographic Kids: Philippines
Easy Science for Kids: Philippines
Philippine Folk Tales
Three Short Fables from the Philippines
Filipino Games for Kids

Books – Local Library

  • All about the Philippines: stories, songs, crafts and games for kids by Jimenez, Gidget Roceles
  • The Philippines by Longworth, Holly
  • The Philippines by Oleksy, Walter G
  • Filipino celebrations: a treasury of feasts and festivals by Romulo, Liana. Albano, Corazon Dandan
  • Filipino Friends by Romulo, Liana. Albano, Corazon Dandan
  • Foods of the Philippines by Sheen, Barbara. With easy recipes and colored photos, learn the culture of the Philippines and its history.
  • Luis and the enchanted creatures by Lee, Marcy Dans. A story about a boy who meets six seemingly scary creatures in the forest– the kapre, tiyanak, tikbalang, aswang, nuno sa punso, and batibat.
  • Children of the Philippines by Kinkade, Sheila

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