Recycled Robot

Recycled Robot

Let younger kids enjoy building a robot from everyday household items. It’s lots of fun and is sure to keep their attention. Begin the creative process by going on a little scavenger hunt around the house or schoolroom for robot-making-materials.

Recycled boxes from various household items
Colored construction paper
Colored foam sheets
Soft drink lids
Old boxes
Tin foil
ice cream containers
Old clothing, various material
Straws, paper and crayons
Adhesive tape








The children can glue or tape boxes together to form the general shape of a robot before attaching other items to complete the project. There is room for a wide variety of ideas on this project so if you have an idea that you think will work then give it a go!
If you want your robot to stand, consider the size of your boxes and how they will balance in a vertical position before gluing pieces together.








Click Here to download the PDF for this activity.