The Colors of the Rainbow
by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Just like colors of the rainbow. each person is unique in his and her own special way. But all have similar feelings. thoughts. hopes. and dreams. Kids are encouraged to celebrate and appreciate both their own and other people’s differences and above all. to come together like the colors of the rainbow.

The Secret of the Hawaiian Rainbow: A Hawaiian Story about Colors
by Stacey S. Kaopuiki

Tells how the menehune, a legendary race of small people, chose various objects and with the help of a kahuna, created the rainbow in Hawaii.

The Rainbow Book
By Kate Ohrt

Explores the relationship between colors and sentiments they might inspire. Does yellow suggest happiness? Is blue peaceful? “When I feel RED, I am fiery and bold.”

My Many-Colored Days
By Dr. Seuss

Using a spectrum of vibrant colors and a menagerie of animals, this unique book takes the reader on a journey through the many different moods that can be experienced in life.

The Girl Who Heard Colors
by Marie Harris

This eye-opening picture book introduces readers to their five senses and to synesthesia—a condition in which one sense triggers another.

My Blue Is Happy
by Jessica Young

What is your blue like? A lyrical ode to colors — and the unique ways we experience them. Your neighbor says red is angry like a dragon’s breath, but you think it’s brave like a fire truck. Or maybe your best friend likes pink because it’s pretty like a ballerina’s tutu, but you find it annoying — like a piece of gum stuck on your shoe. Colors may evoke as many emotions as there are people to look at them, opening up infinite possibilities for seeing the world in a wonderful new way.

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