Summer Drama 2024- Multiple Children


Be the performer you dream to be in a dramatic summer with HTY

DATES: June 3-28, 2024
Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Tenney Theatre at the Cathedral of St. Andrew
$560 per child when 2 or more siblings register together

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Registration & Contact Information

Please fill out the following information required for registration.
Select Program for 1st Child:
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To ensure your child(ren) fully benefit from the HTY program, please share any special circumstances that would be helpful for the instructors to know. Include allergies, recent injuries, physical limitations, learning and/or behavior issues, and difficult family situations. This information will be kept confidential. If there is nothing to list, please put NONE.

Program Guidelines for Parents and Guardians

Please read and check off the following information upon reading. This section will answer many of your questions about HTY’s Program.
Program Philosophy(Required)
The program focuses on the children’s creativity. There are no auditions or casting of roles. Participants are challenged to create and develop their stories and characters, dialogue, blocking, In addition to designing and constructing their own set, prop and costume pieces. Please check the box below to show that you have read and understand the program focus.
Monday through Friday from 8:30 am-12:30pm, June 3-28, 2024. Details regarding the final presentation will shared closer to the end date.
Attendance and promptness are important to your child(ren)’s learning experience and participation. Please give advance notice of any planned absences in writing. If attendance becomes a serious issue, the student may be dismissed from the program without a refund. Students who miss class due to illness in their household will not be penalized. We ask you not plan vacation time during the program. If you have concerns please see the Program Director as soon as possible.
Substance Abuse(Required)
Honolulu Theatre for Youth is a Drug Free Workplace. It is illegal to possess, distribute, or use drugs or alcohol at any of our program sites. If any participant (or parent, guardian or other designated caretaker) violates this agreement, that individual’s child will be immediately dismissed from the program without a refund. Please check the box below to indicate that you understand and support this policy
Ilness During Class(Required)
If a participant feels ill during class, staff will move them to an area away from other participants while they wait to go home. HTY staff request that if the illness is determined to be COVID-19, families alert HTY immediately by contacting Tamara so that HTY can follow up as needed with staff and participants.
Ilness Outside of Class(Required)
If a child, or member of the child’s family, does become ill, HTY staff requests the following: In the case of a cold or flu, parents should keep the child at home. If the illness is determined to be COVID-19, parents should keep the child at home and alert HTY staff immediately. I


By checking the authorization box below, I, (designated family representative) choose to enroll my child(ren) in the HTY program. I understand there are inherent risks associated with drama activities, including potential exposure to the Coronavirus, and I accept all known dangers and risks. I authorize HTY or any of its employees to refer my child(ren), if injured or ill, to our family physician when I or my child(ren)’s alternate guardian cannot be reached. If no family physician is designated, HTY or any of its employees are authorized to select a physician when deemed necessary. I hereby waive any and all rights, claims, or causes of action arising from property damage and bodily injury as a result of my child(ren)’s participation in HTY activities and I hold harmless HTY (including their Board of Directors, employees, members, agents, and representatives). I knowingly and voluntarily agree to this waiver for myself, my heirs, executors, assigns, and personal representatives. I authorize and give full consent to HTY to copyright and publish any photographs and/or video recordings in which my child(ren) appears while participating in this program. These photographs and/or video recordings may be used for any and all promotional and educational materials related to HTY, and I agree to their use for that purpose. I understand that prolonged absence or tardiness will affect participation in the program (except in the case of serious illness).
SPECIAL NOTE: Refund Policy(Required)
Our refund policy has been updated. If you decide to withdraw from the program after registering with payment, a refund will only be available when the vacated spot can be filled by another participant PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PROGRAM. Please make a firm commitment to joining our program.
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