Preshow Discussion

Preshow Discussion

Below are some questions related to the themes and action of the play.

▪ Why is family important?
▪ What’s something you enjoy doing with your family?
▪ What do you believe is something that family should always do for each other?
▪ What’s something special you’ve done for your family?
▪ Who in your family has accomplished something special? What did she/he do?

Memories: Special experiences are important to each of us.
▪ What’s one of the most exciting experiences you remember having with your family?
▪ What is one of the scariest?

▪ What makes someone a friend?
▪ What do you and your friends most like to do?
▪ How do friends care for each other? What do friends like to do together?
▪ What happens when your friend is feeling bad? How do you help your friend?
▪ Have you and your friends ever had problems? What caused the problem between you? How did you fix it?

▪ How do you define who you are?
▪ How does your ethnicity influence who you are and what you believe?
▪ Many of us can claim more than one ethnicity. If you claim more than one, how does each influence who you are?
▪ Why are your ethnicity or ethnicities important to you?
▪ How do you share your ethnicity with others?

Cultural Heritage
▪ Where is the place you call ‘home’? Why is that place ‘home’ to you?
▪ What do you know about the history of your culture(s)?
▪ What do people in your family or from your ‘home’ value? Why is that important to them?
▪ What would you want other people to respect about your cultural heritage(s)?

▪ What is ‘tolerance’? Why do you believe tolerance is important in our world today?
▪ In the news we hear of groups that disagree with each other turning to violence and riots? Why do you think they believe fighting helps solve their disagreement?
▪ How might you suggest groups that disagree solve their differences?

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