Pre-Show Discussion

Pre-Show Discussion

Below are some questions related to the themes and action of the play.


▪ Who likes to pretend? What do you like to pretend? What do you like to pretend to be?
▪ What do you pretend with (imagination)?
▪ What can you do with the imagination that you can’t do otherwise?


▪ Who has a friend? What do you like to play with your friend?
▪ What makes someone a friend?
▪ How do friends care for each other? What do friends like to do together?
▪ What do you and your friends most like to do?
▪ Have you and your friends ever had problems? What caused the problem between you? How did you fix it?
▪ What happens when your friend is feeling bad? How do you help your friend?


▪Do you share with your friends? What do you share with your friends?
▪ How do your friends feel when you share with them?
▪ Was there a time when someone didn’t want to share with you? How did you feel?
▪ Why is it good to share?

Adventurous Journeys

▪ What’s the most adventurous journey you’ve been on? Where did you go? How did you get there?
▪ What’s an adventure you’d like to go on one day?
▪ What makes a journey ‘adventurous?’

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