Pre-Show Discussion Points

Pre-Show Discussion Points

Pre-Show Discussion Points

Family and Honor

▪ Why is family important?

▪ What do you believe is something that family should always do for each other?

What’s something special you’ve done for your family?

▪ Who in your family has accomplished something special? What did she/he do?

▪ In many places in the world people believe in ‘family honor.’ What does that mean to you?


▪ How do you define who you are?

How does your ethnicity influence who you are and what you believe?

Many of us can claim more than one ethnicity. If you claim more than one, how does each influence who you are?

Why are your ethnicity or ethnicities important to you?

How do you share your ethnicity with others?

Cultural Heritage

Where is the place you call ‘home’? Why is that place ‘home’ to you?

What do you know about the history of your culture(s)?

▪ What do people in your family or from your ‘home’ value? Why is that important to them?

What would you want other people to respect about your cultural heritage(s)?

Cultural Clash

What is ‘cultural clash’? Why might people of different cultures come into conflict with each other?

Why do you believe that some people disrespect those of a different culture?

▪ How might people avoid such clashes?

How might you help people better understand your own culture(s)?


▪ What is ‘tolerance’? Why do you believe tolerance is important in our world today?

In the news we hear of groups that disagree with each other turning to violence and riots? Why do you think they believe fighting helps solve their disagreement?

▪ How might you suggest groups that disagree solve their differences?


  • Who has a friend? What do you like to play with your friend?
  • Why is it good to play with a friend?
  • How do you make your friend feel happy? What makes your friend feel sad?

Conflicts: Independence vs. Obedience

  • How would you describe yourself: someone who likes to do things your way, or someone that easily follows other people’s advice or orders?
  • When should you be allowed to make your own decisions?
  • Who should you be obedient to, and follow their directions or advice?

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