Pre-Show Activity Words with Purpose

Pre-Show Activity Words with Purpose

Pre-Show Activity: Words with Purpose
This activity is a word association activity designed to activate prior knowledge with important vocabulary and themes.
Choose from the following:


ancestor | royal | brainwash | punishment | popular | friends

betrothal | balance | sovereignty | justice


kahu – a parent, a teacher, a nanny and a best friend all rolled into one

Kapu – forbidden or restricted

Ali‘I – royalty, kings and queens

Mana – cultural power


  • With students seated in a circle, tell them that they will play with some words related to the HTY play they will see.
  • Show the word on the board or printed on a piece of paper.
  • Offer students a definition of the word you choose to use. (See list above)
  • Guide students to say the word with you.
  • Guide all students to stand. When you say the word, task students with freezing their body to show how the word might look. For example, if you say ‘strong,’ students might raise both their arms as if a weight-lifter.

Repeat the activity, as desired, with a new word related to the play.

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