People Power

People Power

Start your HTY journey before traveling to the theatre with the following activity, giving students the opportunity to imagine their own story, together.


Preparation: Sitting in a circle, the class will create a story together. Each participant contributes one word at a time as you go around the circle. The words should connect to create sentences and the sentences string together to create a single story.


• Do not think too hard. It is only one word. Trust intuition.
• Words like “a,” “and” and “the” are important words.
• Do not tell anyone else what word to say.

Procedure: As students slowly build off of each other to create the story, occasionally repeat it back, so students can stay abreast of the basic plot. Guide the students to incorporate the following simple properties to help shape the story and give it purpose:

• Character(s)
• Want/Goal
• Problem/Obstacle

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