by Finnegan Kruckemeyer

Description of Play:
Oslo Rogers has a very fun mom called Ruthy, and lives in a very fun town called Mellingong, on the island of Tasmania. But now a very unfun problem (called a big approaching storm) is forcing everyone to leave their homes and they can only take a few important things each: ‘love luggage’, as Ruthy calls it. Oslo sets out to help the people of Mellingong discover the things they love the most – the things you would save from a storm.

Family Performances Dates:
Opens Friday, December 6 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, December 8 @ 2:00pm
Saturdays, December 14-21 @ 4:30pm
ASL Performance: Saturday, December 21 @ 11:00am
Onstage Workshop: December 14 @ 2:30pm

ON STAGE workshops for Youth:
Onstage Workshop December 14, 2019 @ 2:30pm

This hour-long Saturday workshop is thematically connected to the production and will give kids the chance to peek backstage, try out a bit of performing, and directly interact with members of the HTY creative team. Parents are invited to watch the workshop from the house.
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2019-2020 Season:
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