Kiʻi Ā Loaʻa:  Illuminating and Interrogating Hawaiʻi’s Monuments

An augmented reality experience 

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While you’re in the Neighborhood

Downtown Honolulu is full of institutions that commemorate and uphold the history of our island. While you’re nearby, we encourage you to pay them a visit and learn more about Hawaiian culture and community! We’ve listed a few below to get you started. 

Capitol Modern 

Discover a variety of work from local artists at the Hawaii State Art Museum.  Admission is free! 

King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center

Learn more about Hawaii’s legal system and judicial processes through the exhibits and galleries at this museum located right behind the King Kamehameha statue! Admission is free, and visitors can opt for group or self-guided tours. 

Iolani Palace

This historic, beautiful residence was built in 1882 and housed Hawaii’s royalty. After the end of the monarchy, it was used as the state’s capitol until 1969. Guided and audio tours are available throughout the week. 

Program Credits

Theatrical Team

We have been blessed with an amazing theatrical team who have been guiding the development of the piece.

Core Devising Team:  Moses Goods, Lokomaika’i Lipscomb, Ryan I. Kahaʻiʻōlelo Sueoka, Kala Muller, Alysia Kepaʻa

Performers: Danica Rosengren, Lokomaika’i Lipscomb, Kalā Muller, Alysia Kepaʻa, Maile Holck, Iasona Kaper, Moses Goods, Kealoha Kelekolio


Lead Designer
Solomon Enos

Lead Animator
Chesley Cannon

Composer/Sound Designer
T.J. Keanu Tario
Mattea Mazzella

Unity Designers/Programmers
Daniel Schatzeder
Andrew Towl
Kari Noe

Other Designers/Programmers
Shawn Taras
Richard Kanno

A Special Mahalo to Rick Makanaaloha Kiaʻimeaokekanaka San Nicolas for the loan of the beautiful feather cape and helmet.

Additional design, filming, animation and a mountain of work came from inside and outside HTY and we are deeply grateful for each of these contributions.


This project would not have been possible without the contributions of many, many collaborators who gave generous advice, guidance and leadership.  A few to note are…

Capitol Modern for opening their  beautiful venue and leaping onboard as a partner.

The massive group of collaborators who met in preparation for this project, especially those who participated in the first and second “hackathons” which paved the way for our development of Imi A Loaa.

The many cultural advisors who gave guidance and learning both directly to this project and before.

The partners (please see above) who gave so generously to allow us to take the risk, learn and experiment.  Mahalo!

Support this Work

This work requires new technology, computer programmers and most especially time to explore and discover what is possible when we combine traditional culture and new technologies.  If you would like to support this work please contact HTY’s Managing Director, Becky Dunning at