Imagination Is Magic

Imagination Is Magic

RAINBOW is about color and imagination. In the short plays, the power of imagination plays an important role in exploring the colors of the rainbow.

The most engaging way to get ready to see the HTY play, is to guide your students to play with their own imaginations. Here are a couple of games that challenge the imagination and involve your students in a little competitive fun.

Object Race:

  • Students are in teams of whatever size.
  • Teams sit on the floor, in lines, facing towards the front.
  • At the front, on the floor, are a line of objects.
  • Using these real objects (hairbrush, serving spoon, rope, bowl), students imagine what else the object could be (rope as a snake, hairbrush as a paintbrush) and ‘act’ it out for their team. The team needs to guess. When the team guesses correctly, the next person in line acts out a new idea. First team to have everyone act it out, wins.
  • Switch objects and go again.

Team Sculpture:
This game is similar to the above game. Teams of students work together to create an imagined idea.

  • Each team gets 2-3 objects (box, rope, hangar, spoon, broom, etc.)
  • On your cue, the team needs to create something ‘real’ from the objects. They also need to include themselves. For example, a team might create a group of people on a boat – box=boat, rope=fishing, broom=motor, spoon=paddle, hangar=another fishing pole.
  • The team that can act it out together and clearly define how they have transformed each object, wins.

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