Imagination: A Creative Activity

Imagination: A Creative Activity

The Carp Who Would Not Quit is an imaginatively staged and presented play. The imagination is very important for artists and for the audience. Prepare for your HTY experience by experimenting with how objects can imaginatively change from one to another.

OBJECT TRANSFORMATION or Making the ordinary look magical

Procedure: Show a simple object like a chalkboard eraser. Demonstrate the activity by transforming the eraser into something else by the way you use it (i.e candy bar, walkie-talkie, or telescope). Pass the object from student to student, guiding each to transform the object into something different than anyone else has done. The other students describe what they see.

If desired, also try the following:

ROOM TRANSFORMATION: Together with your students, decide on a place you’d like to visit. A restaurant? The zoo? The beach? The mall? Guide your students to help transform your room into that imagined place by using objects and furniture in the room. First, decide what will happen in each part of your room. If a zoo, where will the elephants be? Where might the monkeys live? Where might there be a picnic table? Ask students to help ‘design’ the space. How can a table become a cage? A chair be a picnic table? How can you imagine the whole room in a new way?

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