Energy in the Body

Energy in the Body

In this activity, students will act out how they get their energy.

The students will sit in a circle and talk about what are the physical and emotional things that give them energy.  (Some  examples might be, healthy food, sleep, playing soccer, being with my friends, reading alone.)  Helpful questions might be… What do they love doing?  When do they feel the best in the day?  What recharges their batteries?   Be sure to mention that energy is personal.  Some people are morning people some are night owls.

One student at a time enters the circle and all students will have a turn.

When the student enters the center of the circle they say… “I get energy from … (fill in their personal energy source).” They then strike a pose that represents that thing.

(i.e., I get energy from my favorite food. They then strike a pose eating.)

Everyone in the circle who also gets energy from that thing stands up and makes the same pose. The teacher then invites the next student to participate.

After the circle is completed discussion celebrating and exploring the different types of things that give us physical and emotional energy can be had.

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