A glimpse of HTY’s Education Department

A glimpse of HTY’s Education Department

Here is what people are staying about HTY’s education department…

“Students were totally engaged and looked forward to going to drama class every day. They were able to work with every other student in the class happily by efficient groupings because of the great structures set up by the HTY teaching artist.” 4th grade

“After completing the HTY residency, the students had more confidence and respect for others presenting/performing in front of the class. Students were also more aware of their emotions and the emotions of others and how their reactions/actions had an impact on others around them.” Kindergarten

“She broke down the action traits so students could understand what she was looking for prior to integrating the science content. She made it easier for the young ones to grasp and connect the drama with plants and animals. She was super engaging and really responded to the students random questions and comments. He attitude was awesome.” 1st grade

“Students learned more about exploration, migration and settlement-learning about the people of the Marquesas Islands. The experience encouraged complex thinking and problem solving by asking difficult questions that parked debate and critical response.” 4th grade

“The things I found most interesting and helpful about the course was me being able to be put on the spot as a student to create images using my body, expressions, and words. It enabled me to feel awkward and nervous, just as my students did during the lesson. I enjoyed meeting with my peers during the course to find common ground with my struggles. I was able to take away the new information that they provided in order for me to improve on my delivery of the lesson. I really liked my instructor because he kept the class moving without any judgement call. The more I practice the more comfortable I will become in executing my ideas to my students.” Teacher professional development workshop

“I feel like the week and a half with Mr. Kelin was really, really beneficial to me in many ways. As someone who struggles with anxiety, it took a lot for me to speak in front of the class several days in a row. However, I’m absolutely more comfortable now and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to learn more about monologues and acting.” 10th grade student

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