For Parents, Children and Families

The HTY Drama Education staff offer a variety of simple, engaging games and activities for parents and their children, for kids to explore together and for anyone to play through video chats! Have fun keeping your imagination in play.

Introduction by HTY Director of Drama Education, Mr. Dan

Drama Games with Ms. Lily and Olive

Simple, fun and quick drama games to play with families or friends. Try one. Try many. Repeat them all and then find ways to make them your own!

Pass a Phrase

Give a Gift


Props Play

Purse Purse

What are you Doing?

Yes, And

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Sculpt Your Partner

Story-making and Storytelling with Ms. Lily and Olive

Simple ways that parents and children can create and play with stories together.

Storytelling: Simple Props

Storytelling: Parent Reads, Child Acts

Storytelling: Child Tells, Parent Acts

Vocabulary Words in Motion with Mr. Jonathan

Play with new words. Play with known words. Play with amazing, funny, crazy, serious, incredible words of any kind. Put words into motion for a joyful learning experience.