May 22, 2020

The Digital Classroom is going on break!
Mahalo for joining us in the Classroom for the last 8 weeks.

Our new digital Classroom is designed for keiki to colloborate and create with our resident artists. Make music, tell stories, dance – the possibilities are endless! Geared for Elementary aged keiki.

Story Play with Ms. Lily

Join Ms. Lily for storytelling and amazing action as we act out the fantastic, silly character, King Birtram from the land of Binn. We will tell the story, YOU will act it out, and WE WILL PLAY. “When he worked, he really worked, but when he played… he really PLAYED!”

The Classroom uses Zoom to connect with you.

Here are some tips for parents:

To get Zoom set up, we suggest that you sign-on about 10 minutes PRIOR to the event starting. When you are ready, simply click the link provided and then follow the prompts. Your computer or device should take you through the setup easily.

• Once you click the link, an automatic installation will start.

• You’ll either download the Zoom app if you are using a mobile device, or download the Zoom installer if you’re joining from a PC or Mac. It’s a super quick install and you should be up and running quickly, but still make sure to take care of this ahead of time.

• You can click the meeting invite ahead of time if you want to install everything beforehand.

• Your Classroom Instructor will open the “doors” 5 minutes before
the meeting starts.

Please email for the Zoom link and password before 9am on the day of the class.

Puppet Play with Ms. Clara

Join HTY Teaching Artist, Clara Whippy, for a session on playing with puppets! Students will be making their own puppets to tell a famous fable and will then get to create their own fun character.

Bring some paper, a pencil, markers, and scissors (and any other craft supplies you’d like to use to make your puppets super cool!)

Please email for for the zoom link

Left, Right and Center: Acting in the Magic Frame

Join professional storyteller and actor, James B. McCarthy, for a session on how professional actors use the camera and create characters to make a story come to life. Recommended for elementary aged keiki.

Please email for for the zoom link

Physical Storytelling with Mr. Jonathan

Join Teaching Artist, Jonathan Sypert for a session on storytelling through movement. Use your body and imagination to tell a story using movement and dance.

Please email before 9am on April 25th for the Zoom link and password.

Story time Screen time

Join James B. McCarthy in The Classroom this week. Discover how to use a camera to tell a good story. Students will learn about how real actors use the camera to tell a story, using their imaginations to explore how characters stand, talk, and move.

James B. McCarthy is a professional storyteller and actor. He’s been on TV and movies, and performed for HTY! Mister James also goes to LOTS of schools to share drama and music.

Storytelling with Ms. Lily

Ms. Lily is the Assistant Director of Drama Education at HTY.  She loves helping keiki  make and perform their own original stories. Join her for your chance to imagine and create a brand new story.