My Culture/My Self

My Culture/My Self

Guide students to create a collage that exemplifies their own cultural identity.



  • student-selected images and pictures
  • glue
  • markers



  • Copy and distribute the My Culture/My Self page.
  • Guide students to write ideas about themselves in each of the four categories.

My Family Background: Where does your family come from (what countries or
Family Traditions: What special holidays does your family celebrate?
Where I Live: What neighborhood do you live in? What’s special about it?
Cultural Traditions: What activities are you involved in? (Hula, lion dancing, taekwondo,

  • Assign students to collect images related to each of the categories (pictures, magazine
    clippings, internet sources)
  • Guide students to either rip or cut out the images and attach them to the back of their
  • Guide students to share their My Culture/My Self pages with each other, discussing their
    personal cultural history.


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