Cardboard Tube Elephant & Piggie!

Cardboard Tube Elephant & Piggie!

Create cardboard tube Elephant and Piggie and use them as puppets to act out the books. It’s a great way to make reading even more fun than it already is!












• Empty cardboard tube (a toilet paper roll is the perfect size)
• Small piece of thin cardboard (from a cracker or cereal box)
• Gray craft paint
• White craft paint
• Paintbrushes
• Scissors
• White glue
• Black permanent marker


• To begin, draw 2 ears and a trunk on your thin cardboard.
• Elephant’s ears are curved on top and straight across on the bottom. They look like simple arched windows.
• For the trunk, make a simple curved L shape.
• Next, grab your paint and paint your cardboard tube, ears, and trunk with the gray paint.
• Let everything dry.
• Once everything dries, cut out the ears and the trunk.
• Glue the short side of your trunk shape to your cardboard tube. Glue it about 1/3 of the way down from the top.
• Use your white paint to make two circles for Elephant’s glasses.
• While your white paint dries, glue your ears to the back of the tube. You’ll want at least half of each ear to stick out from the sides.
• After everything is glued and your white paint is dry, add your details with a permanent marker.
• Trace the white circles and connect them in the middle. Add lines going toward each ear. Put a dot in the middle of each and you’ve got your glasses.
• Put two little comma shapes over each eye for the eyebrows and make a simple half-moon under the trunk for the mouth.

Elephant is done!


• Cardboard tube (a toilet paper tube is the perfect size)
• Thin cardboard (from a cereal or cracker box)
• Light pink craft paint
• Paintbrush
• Scissors
• White glue
• Black permanent marker (a Sharpie is perfect)


Before you start painting, you’ll want to draw Piggie’s ears and snout on your thin cardboard. Draw two triangles for the ears. Draw an oval, about the same width as your cardboard tube for the snout.

• Paint your cardboard tube, ears, and snout with the pink paint. Let it all dry.
• Once everything is dry, cut out your ears and snout.
• Use the blackmarker to draw two parallel vertical lines on your snout for Piggie’s nose.
• Glue the snout about 1/3 of the way down from the top of your cardboard tube.
• Glue the ears to the top of the tube. Make sure you leave room for eyes in between the snout and the ears.
• After you’ve finished gluing, use your black marker to make two small ovals above the snout for Piggie’s eyes.
• Add a big smile directly underneath the snout. Piggie is done!

To download the PDF for this activity Click here.