Teacher Narrated Story – Acting it Out

In Love, the characters shared and performed memorable stories. Children enjoy pretending to be a part of stories they hear. Choose a simple story with lots of action, read it and then guide your students to act out the characters and action as you tell it.


After listening to a story, guide your students to act out the characters and the action of the story. Multiple students may play a single character together, if desired, which can make it a little easier for the littlest ones.


a. “I will tell the story and you will act out the action.”
b. “If I stop, please help me speak like the character, adding what the character might say.”
c. “How can you show what the characters look and act like?”
2. NARRATE the story
3. VALIDATE: Note strong choices made by students as they enact the story and encourage students to add details that show the actions and reactions of their character.
a. Encourage more detailed exploration of the story and characters.
b. Ask students to suggest other lines of dialogue that the characters might say.