My Storm Suitcase

In Love, a storm threatens a small town in Australia.
Prompt: Guide your students to imagine that a big storm is coming. They have only a short amount of time to pack their belongings before they have to leave. What will they bring with them?
• Guide your students to take out a pencil and paper.
• On your cue, allow the students only 60-90 seconds to write down what they would pack.
• Guide the students to share their lists and explain why they packed what they did.
Prompt: Guide your students to now imagine that they have enough room to pack one special item in their suitcase. What item will they bring, why is it important to them?
• If appropriate, distribute the My Suitcase page below.
• Assign student the task of drawing a picture of their special item.
• Ask students to then describe their item and why that one item is so important to them.
• Guide students to share their My Suitcase pages with each other and discuss their items.
• Hang the pictures in the classroom.