Hold These Truths

by Jeanne Sakata

Description of Play:

Joel de la Fuente stars in Hold These Truths, Jeanne Sakata’s one-man show inspired by the true story of  a Japanese-American citizen, Gordon Hirabayashi, a college student during WWII.  Agonizing over the forcible removal of all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast. Gordon journeys toward a greater understanding of America’s triumphs—and a confrontation with its failures. Gordon Hirabayashi was awarded the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor in May of 2012, posthumously by President Obama. Lisa Rothe directs this production.

Hold These Truths special performance dates:


Thursday, Feb. 21      7:30 Opening Night

Friday, Feb. 22           8:00 Show

Saturday, Feb. 23       8:00  Show

Sunday, Feb. 24          3:00 Show   


Thursday, Feb. 28       7:30 Show

Saturday, March 2       8:00 Show Closing

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