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HTY Summer Drama Programs

Imagine beautiful stories. Create amazing plays. Perform for family and friends.

Be the actor you want to be In a dramatic summer with HTY A professional theatre experience

Dates: June 3 – 28, 2019
Time: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am -12:30 pm
Place: Tenney Theatre, Cathedral of St. Andrews
Cost: $595 ($530 each for sibling registering together)


Performance sharing on Thursday, June 27 at 11am and 6pm

• For children ages 7-9 –  see “Summer Drama Adventure 2019” below
• For youth ages, 10-12 – see ‘Tween Scene 2019 below
• For ages 13 and up – see “T.A.Co – Teen Acting Company” below

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Summer Drama Adventure 2019

Summer Drama Programs will run from June 3rd – 28th, 2019

For ages 7-9

Summer Drama Adventure
…builds dramatic and expressive skills.
…promotes positive interaction.
…focuses creative energy.

Adventures of Sinbad and the Legend of the Seven Seas

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate’s summer there’ll be!

The Goddess of Chaos has stolen The Book of Peace. How will the nobles and a band of thieves ever get the Book back? Will they have to traverse to the ends of the earth? What monsters and other creatures might they encounter? If ye dare explore, imagine, and create, come join the Summer Drama Adventure! Set sail on the Seven Creative ‘C’s aboard showmanSHIP and friendSHIP. At Summer Drama Adventure we get our creativity into SHIPshape condition bringing stories to life in performances created by YOU!

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‘Tween Scene 2019

Summer Drama Programs will run from June 3rd – 28th, 2019

For ages 10-12

The ‘Tween Scene …is all about YOU.
Develop acting skills.
Learn to create exciting theatre.
Take dramatic risks full of creativity and fun.
The ‘Tween Scene is what you wish it to be

Fantastical Realms

Have you ever imagined living in a world full of Magic? Where trees are alive, animals speak and you control it all?  Come jump into a Magical Realm of your making, full of creatures fantastical and amazing.  There might be dragons. Maybe wizards? Possibly heroes? You imagine what you will. Join ‘Tween Scene and craft your Fantastical Realm with your creativity!

T.A.Co. – Teen Acting Company

Summer Drama Programs will run from June 3rd – 28th, 2019

For ages 13 and up

T.A.Co. Your ‘Write’ to ‘Play!’ HTY announces an exciting new program, the Summer Teen Acting Company! This is an opportunity for young actors to build their skills in play writing and performing. Whether you have performed before or are new to the stage, this program will encourage and challenge you to break out of your artistic box, take creative risks and make bold choices. Join the Summer Teen Acting Company where our motto is, ‘It’s Your ‘Write’ to Play!’ You will surprise yourself!

Write On! Transforming Reality

If you could re-imagine the world exactly as you would like, how might it look, sound or feel?  Put yourself in a world of YOUR making and tell the story YOU desire.  The endless possibilities lie within your imagination.  Be a part of T.A.Co. to be the actor/playwright who Transforms Realty!