Soaring through Science

A Kinesthetic Approach to Teaching about the Natural World

PDE3 course #IS181258, section #: 283414
Taught by Mauli Ola Cook

This workshop will feature strategies in creative dance that can be applied to a wide range of topics in science. Workshop participants will learn how to determine which science concepts have a natural connection to creative dance and can be taught effectively using movement strategies. Participants will experience lessons that the instructor has taught successfully to students integrating creative dance with ocean studies to learn how to use creative dance to express how marine plants and animals survive in their environment and adapt to changes in their surroundings. Teachers will be guided to understand how to implement the movement strategies they experience, maintain a calm, positive, learning environment while students are moving creatively about the classroom, coach students to success, and assess student work. Videos showing lessons that integrate science and dance with various grade levels on the coral reef habitat, the life cycle of the butterfly, simple machines, night and day, magnetic forces, Newton’s laws and other topics will be shown and discussed.  Participating teachers will have time for collaboration and planning. The instructor will visit each teacher’s classroom and demonstrate how the techniques taught in the workshop are used with students.

WHEN: Saturdays, February 4, March 4, and April 8, 2017, 9am – 4pm
WHERE: Wilcox Elementary School
INFORMATION: Call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885 ext. 704
REGISTRATION: PDE3 website or click
FOR NON-HAWAII DOE TEACHERS: Please call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885, ext 704

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