Poetic Possibilities

Visual and Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom

PDE3 course # AR181372, section # 284240
Taught by Quala-Lynn Young

In this Visual Art workshop held at the Hawaii State Art Museum teachers will learn strategies for integrating Visual Art with Common Core English Language Arts. In the galleries we will wander and write, ponder and provoke.  We will make meaning and take inspiration.  We will steal ideas and tell tales.  In the art studio we will engage in visual art projects and writing practices that enhance our ability to communicate expressively.   Working with the natural connections that exist between visual art and creative writing, teachers will develop engaging strategies for bringing integrated art lessons into their classrooms.

WHEN: Saturdays, January 28, February 25, and April 1, 2017, 9am – 4pm
WHERE: Hawaii State Arts Museum, Downtown
HOW MUCH: $175
INFORMATION: Call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885, ext 704
REGISTRATION: PDE3 website of click
FOR NON-HAWAII DOE TEACHERS: Please call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885, ext 704


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